Design tempered by art. 

Hello, I'm Frederikke Lange, also known as Frohline. I hold a Master's degree in Visual Communication from The Royal Danish Academy of Design. Over the past years, I have been working on illustration, visual identity, motion, interaction, apps, websites, animation, and graphic design. I look forward to making the world more visually and intellectually appealing.

I am known for my ability to bring scenarios to life in my drawings, paintings, and sculptures. I create scenes and moments that, at first glance, appear flat but are transformed through expressive body language, gestures, and facial expressions. My focus on geometric patterns and shapes, along with a thoughtful use of color, gives my work a dynamic and contemporary feel. Portraying scenes with figures dancing, drinking, talking, and swimming is my way of creating a sense of movement and emphasizing the role of the body in non-verbal communication.


Collaborations. As freelance I have had the joy of working on various projects designing anything from logos to motion films, illustration, publications and visual identities for Akuart, DRGreenpeace, Transparency, BarkBox, Gyldendal, Leo Pharma, Novozymes, Vildmaskine, Clio, Myinnerme, Google Creative Lab, Prehype, Carlsberg, Novonordisk, Munich RE, Wella, Caspian & Mødehuset.